We are the Myth Demystified Foundation – ‘Stichting Mythe Ontkracht’

Our goal is to prevent the stigmatization of women who fail to bleed during their wedding night / virginity loss. In general, the hymen is not a closed tissue and about half of all women do not bleed during the first act of sexual intercourse with a man. Medical specialists, who are tied to our foundation, frequently deal with sexuality and virginity related questions in their health care practices. Moreover we collaborate with Rutgers WPH (previously Rutgers Nisso Groep) and the Dutch National Centre of Expertise on Sexuality, and we include people from cultural backgrounds that believe blood loss is connected to virginity loss.

Board members

Ines Balkema

Melek Unal

Naima Daali

Jarina Hamidullahkhan


Affiliated consultants

Milleke de Neef

Ineke van Seumeren

Bianca van Moorst



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