Our finances


Stichting Mythe Ontkracht (Mythe Ontkracht Foundation) is funded through public subsidies, government funding, and donations. The following activities were funded by the following organizations:

  • Our conference at the AMC (Academic Medical Center) was made possible by Rutgers WPF, City of Amsterdam, City of Rotterdam, and ‘Stichting Bevordering Volkskracht’.
  • The seminars at Feijenoord (borough of Rotterdam) and publications in glossy magazine Hoda, were funded by the Feijenoord and ‘Sint Laurensfonds’.



Our foundation has no capital. All funds are spend on activities that contribute to the demystification of the myth of the hymen by means of education on medical facts and public dialogue. The ultimate goal is to reduce the risk of youth facing excommunication, honor killing, forced marriage, negative sexual experiences, suicide, STDs, and unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Furthermore we aim to enhance sexual pleasure.



Do you support our activities and would you like to make a donation? Please use the following bank details: ‘Stichting Mythe Ontkracht’; IBAN: NL69TRIO0198561482


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