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Below we answer the most frequent misconceptions.


Can you lose your virginity by doing sports or using a tampon?

No virginity can only be lost through sex. As you have been able to read on the page about the hymen, it is usually not a closed tissue. There is no need to fear it will tear when you do sports or use a tampon. The fringe of tissue may slightly stretch when you use a tampon. Playing sports has no effect whatsoever on the hymen.


Can a boy feel whether a girl is still a virgin?

Boys who claim that they can feel it, are not telling the truth. Even after a baby is born, the mother’s vagina goes back into its normal shape. The idea that such a flexible organ could stretch from penetration by a penis, makes no sense. What a boy can feel is whether a girl is tense.


Should a boy use more force when the girl is still a virgin?

People who believe this, still have a lot to learn. It is not true that there is a tissue that needs to be pierced. The vagina is open and the penis can enter without any force. If a girl is tense it is possible that it is somewhat rugged or tight. If that is the case it is important to be gentle and take your time. Otherwise you could damage the delicate tissue of the vagina. This could hurt and you would not want that to happen.


Where is the hymen located?

The hymen usually is no more than a ridge, located inside the vagina, at about 1-1.5 centimeter from the opening. It is not related to virginity. Please read the instructions for girls who want to find their hymen below. Attention, the description is explicit.

If you would like to see your hymen it is best to hold a small mirror that can stand up by itself and spread your legs. Use both hands to spread your labia so you can look into you vagina and see what it looks like.

Over the course of time the hymen disappears. In some cases more than others. It is remaining fetal tissue (please read the explanation by Prof. dr. George J.R. Maat on the page on Hymen).



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