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Are blood loss and virginity loss connected?

It is a myth that all women bleed during their first act of sexual intercourse with a man. Some people believe that virginity loss always involves blood loss. This myth is particularly widespread in cultures that emphasize the value of virginity. In these cultures, women who c fail to bleed when they lose their virginity an face serious problems, such as excommunication and even honor killing. The goal of our foundation ‘Mythe Ontkracht’ (Myth Demystified), is to change this situation.


Medical facts

  • About half of all women do not bleed when they lose their virginity (the first time they have sex)
  • The hymen is not a piece of tissue that covers the vagina, but a fringe of tissue around the edge (in very rare cases it is closed and a surgical procedure is needed to allow the menstrual blood to leave the body)
  • Virginity and the hymen are not connected. Please go to page hymen



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